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Our production

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Despite the youth of our company, the brand is known and learned. Of course, the heart of LLC "ElektroArsenal" is our production. Availability 5500 sq. m of own production facilities makes the whole technological chain of production:

• Machine assembly-shop;
• Harvest area;
• Area of ​​metal;
• Machine shop;
• Wiring section;
• Paint shop;
• Electronic equipment;
Technical Control Division;
• Electrical certified laboratory.

Our production does not stand still. One of the features of the enterprise is the possibility of the development, deployment and release of new products. This is facilitated by the presence of more than 40 highly qualified professionals who are daily involved in the production process.

Range of products and services consist of more than 150 items. More about them can be found in the sections "Product Catalog" and "Services"

Great importance is paid to the quality of the products that are manufactured in accordance with applicable regulations of Ukraine. Product quality and pricing are the priority in dealing with our customers.